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Chemistry with Confidence

The teaching philosophy of Chemistry with Confidence can be summed up by two basics educational principles or routines.  

                          1. Teach It, Practice It, Test It

                          2. I do, We do, You do

Teach It...

     The best way to teach chemistry is to explain concepts through the "I do, we do, you do" method.  Teachers should begin by teaching the information and explaining an example problem.  During this portion of the lesson - the "I do" section - only the teacher speaks.  Students listen and complete fill in the blank notes.  Next, the class enters the "We do" section of the lesson.  At this point, the teacher leads students through example problems using guiding questions.  The teacher also asks students to complete example problems on their own.  After students complete the problem, the teacher thoroughly goes over all explanations and answers for each problem with the class.  Finally, the class enters the "I do" section of the lesson.  At this point, students are asked to complete a few example problems on their own.  Once the problems are completed, the teacher shows students the correct answer.  If students answered the questions correctly, the class is ready to begin practicing the material and the teaching portion of the lesson is completed.  However, if students incorrectly answer these problems, the teacher moves back to either the "I do" or "We do" section of the lesson to reteach as necessary.  Throughout the entire lesson, students are completing guided notes.

     Chemistry with Confidence provides video lessons and guided notes that follow this format.  Information is explained to students, and then students are asked to pause the video and solve example problems.  Once the problems are solved, students restart the video to receive the correct answer to the problem.  The immediate feedback for problems will build student confidence as well as help catch and prevent mistakes!

     Ultimately, the goal is that students walk away from a teaching lesson feeling as though they have 'got it'.  At the end of each video lesson, students should know the material.

Practice It...

     Once students have been taught the content material, they must practice, practice, and practice with the information.  Practicing chemistry content will help students solidify what they have learned and remember the information.  Knowing information is pointless if that same information cannot be remembered the next day.  Practicing new concepts is a vital part of the learning process as it helps students remember and solidify in their memory the new information they have learned.

     Practicing chemistry content can take many different forms.  Students can practice individually or in groups.  Chemistry with Confidence provides various practice opportunities through activities, worksheets, and labs.  



                Activities can be cut-n-paste activities that work well in interactive notebooks,

                laminated hands-on manipulatives, or kinesthetic activities that get students moving.  

                These are some of Chemistry with Confidence's favorite forms of practicing the

                material!  Students are engaged, working, and talking with a partner about chemistry                         content!



               Chemistry with Confidence is aware that some believe WS is a four-letter-word, but                      trust us when we say it is not.  When used appropriately, we have seen classes be totally

               engaged in paper-pencil work.  In fact, some students prefer paper-pencil to activities.                    There is a time and place and often need for worksheets or rather paper-pencil practice                  so never discount this method!



              It's chemistry!  Labs are a must!  The goal of Chemistry with Confidence is to

              develop labs that help students easily and practically see and understand chemistry                           concepts through engaging labs.


Test It...

     Once students have been taught the material and have practiced the material, it is time to test and determine if some learning actually occurred.  The focus in our classroom, as it should be, is usually on teaching and practicing content.  However, testing student knowledge over that content must occur.  Testing knowledge formally indicates to students and teachers the level of knowledge gained by chemistry students.  

     At this time, Chemistry with Confidence does not include formal tests in the curriculum (some quizzes are available with select material).  However, we encourage teachers to consult with their fellow chemistry teachers and district curriculum specialists to create tests that will adequately assess and indicate student chemistry knowledge.

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