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Children's Storybooks

Children's Storybooks: Welcome

The Adventures
of Addie the Atom

Introduce your kids to the wonderful world of science and chemistry
through the tales and adventures of Addie the Atom.  
These fictional stories will engage kids while introducing them to chemistry concepts.

Children's Storybooks: Welcome
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In the book "New Friends: The Adventures of Addie the Atom,"  Addie seeks to answer the question - Who am I?  
To find the answer, she goes on an adventure to the library.  
At the library, Addie discovers that she is an atom made of protons, electrons, and neutrons.

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In the book "New Friends: The Adventures of Addie the Atom," Addie feels all alone.
She feels like the only atom in the whole world.
But, Addie learns there are lots of different atoms in the world. 
She becomes friends with Helium Atom, Iron Atom, Oxygen Atom, and Calcium Atom!

Children's Storybooks: Imprint
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In the book "The Big Discovery: The Adventures of Addie the Atom," 
Addie learns her real name.
"Addie" is a nickname, but Addie wants to learn her real name.
Join Addie on her grand adventure to the science lab as she discovers her true identity.

Children's Storybooks: Imprint

Make Learning Fun!

Children's Storybooks: Welcome
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