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Stressed and running out of time to teach it all?

I recommend moving a few select topics to the end of the school year for three very strategic reasons! 

#1 – Move topics that include hard math concepts to the end of the year. 

All your students should be in a math class!...

Don’t have enough time to teach it all?  Then don’t.  That’s right.  I said don’t!

I firmly believe whatever you teach, you should take the time to teach well.  If all you have time to do is introduce students to a topic but you do not have time to fully expla...

July 28, 2017

As I write each blog, I try to consider what wisdom I wish I could have shared with myself as a new teacher.  The the beginning of the school year is quickly approaching, and it is around this time of year that I have began considering how to decorate my classroom.  I...

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