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           Unfortunately, we have all felt that time crunch.  The pressure to teach more in less time.  Many things are vital for your students to learn and comprehend.  However, without the time to teach, the time to learn, and the time to apply information, nothing w...

Worksheet (WS) has unfortunately come to represent a 4 letter word in the world of education.  But lets be realistic, at some point our students simply must write things down!  This is a proven way to help learning!  No matter how much districts and principles may want...

August 23, 2017

Activities should be an integral part of every chemistry classroom.  They are a fun and engaging way for students to actively practice material.  Activities can be used to help students drill and practice facts as well as to guide students in their thinking!  We want o...

There are many small and minor activities that can be used to further the knowledge of your students.

One good example of a small and simple yet effective activity is the "Metal, Nonmetal, Metalloid Vocabulary Activity."  In this activity, students are given 11 words (f...

August 1, 2017

Rethink your lesson planning style!

Begin to build and create a repertoire of curriculum items!

When it's time to lesson plan... pick and choose which curriculum items from your repertoire best fits the needs of your students!

          Each school year is different, each...

July 17, 2017

          As a first year teacher, I killed myself…yes... killed myself to create the best lesson plans possible.  I thought that I was investing not only in my current students but in future students as well.  I figured that if I spent almost every waking moment of th...

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