Chemistry with Confidence? 

Welcome to Chemistry with Confidence!  

     I, the founder of Chemistry with Confidence would like to take a moment to share with you some of the background and purpose behind the creation of Chemistry with Confidence.

     I taught high school chemistry for four years.  During that time, I had the privilege of teaching both Level (Regular) and Pre-AP Chemistry as well as coaching a UIL Science Team.  Now, I use that invaluable experience to create chemistry curriculum that I hope will inspire confidence in both students and teachers.      


     As a teacher, I spent countless hours designing and redesigning material to make it work for my students!  I remember in a meeting with an administrator, it was suggested that I look up various ideas on the internet.  I wanted to scream!  As though I hadn't already searched the internet (to be fair my administrator didn't know this - no blame here).  At the time, there was very little I could find on the internet that was helpful for my high school students.  The information available was fantastic...for elementary or middle school level or even university.  Now don't get me wrong, information was available, but it never fit the needs of my students.  I needed to teach complex chemistry topics at a higher level while accommodating my LEP and SPED students as well as my many students with low math and reading skills.  Let's just say I wasn't finding the right information/material.  My solution to this conundrum?  Create it!  

     Chemistry with Confidence is a curriculum filled with video lessons, activities, labs, and various types of practice work.  The goal of Chemistry with Confidence is to create an engaging and relevant chemistry curriculum that inspires confidence in both students and teachers.  As a teacher, I was exasperated in my attempts to find helpful curriculum for my students, and this exasperation was spurred on by the frustrated, confused looks of students who just had trouble 'getting' chemistry.  From my time as a teacher, I gained valuable knowledge about what works and what doesn't work when teaching various chemistry topics.  From that knowledge, Chemistry with Confidence curriculum is being created with the goal of making chemistry learning do-able for the average high school student.

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