Ionic Bonding Unit

Video Lessons


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Ions & Polyatomic Ions - Video Lesson #1  (27:25 min)

  • Ion Trends on Periodic Table

  • Ion, Cation, Anion

  • Polyatomic Ions

  • Investigating difference between polyatomic ions with “bi” prefix and “ite” – “ate” endings

  • Determine the Charge, Ion Formula, and Name of various ions

Compounds & Chemical Bonding - Video Lesson #2  (7:38 min)

  • Differentiating between Atoms, Ions, and Compounds

  • Chemical Bond & Types of Bonds

  • Octet Rule


How does an Ionic Bond Form? - Video Lesson #3  (19:05 min)

  • Ionic Bonds

  • Form between metals & nonmetals

  • Transfer of electrons to form ions

  • Opposites attract

  • Bonds to be both neutral and stable

  • Illustrate Ionic Bond Formation

Ionic Formulas: Part I - Video Lesson #4  (17:56 min)

  • Chemical Formula, Ionic Formula

  • Determine Ion / Ion Charge

  • Balance ion charges to form a neutral compound

  • Write the Ionic Formula using subscripts to show how many atoms are in the compound

  • Use parentheses when multiple polyatomic ions are present in a compound

Ionic Formulas: Part II - Video Lesson #5  (11:39 min)

  • Crossing Charges to determine the Ionic Formulas

  • Do NOT cross charges if the ion charges cancel out


Naming Ionic Compounds - Video Lesson #6  (16:31 min)


  • Naming Ionic Compounds

  • Binary & Ternary Compounds


Ionic Compounds – Naming & Chemical Formulas - Video Lesson #7

(11:16 min)

  • Naming Ionic Compounds

  • Writing Formulas for Ionic Compounds

  • Naming & writing Formulas for Ionic Compounds in chemical reactions


Ionic Bonding with Metals that Form Different Ions - Video Lesson #8

(27:24 min)

  • Naming & Writing Formulas with Metals that form different ions

  • Roman Numerals


Properties of Ionic Compounds - Video Lesson #9  (7:47 min)

  • Basics of how Ionic Bonds form

  • Hard, Brittle, High Melting & Boiling Points

  • Crystal Lattice Structure

  • Conductivity of solid, molten and dissolved (electrolyte solution) ionic compounds



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