Measurement Unit

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Lesson #1 – Temperature Scales (37:26 min)

  • Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin

    • Symbol

    • Scientist that Developed the Scale

    • Date of Development

    • Primary area of Use

    • Boiling and Freezing Point of Water

    • Absolute Zero

    • Kelvin is an Absolute Temperature Scale

    • Discussion of which temperatures feel hot/cold in each scale

  • Temperature Conversions/Calculations

    • Using the GUESS method for all calculations


Lesson #2 – The Metric System (16:55 min)

  • Metric System Definition

  • Metric Base Units

  • Metric Prefixes

  • Introduction to Simple Metric Conversions


Lesson #3 – Lab Measurement Basics! (16:17 min)

  • Basic Lab Equipment

  • Always Write Units

  • How to Measure Liquids

  • How to Measure to One-Degree of Uncertainty


Lesson #4 – Accuracy & Precision (20:23 min)

  • Definition and Examples of Accuracy & Precision

  • Definition of Data and Analysis

  • Determine the Data and Analysis (Accuracy/Precision) of Data Sets

  • Degree of Precision is Limited by the Lab Equipment Used

  • More Significant Figures/Numbers = Greater Precision

Lesson #5 – Significant Figures: Part I (19:26 min)

  • Definition of Significant Figures

  • More Sig. Figs. = Greater Precision

  • Sig. Fig. Rules & Example Problems


Lesson #6 – Significant Figures: Part II (33:28 min)

  • Purpose of Sig. Figs. is Measuring and completing Calculations to the appropriate Degree of Precision

  • How to Multiply and Divide to the Correct Degree of Precision/with the Correct Sig. Figs.

  • How to Add and Subtract to the Correct Degree of Precision/with the Correct Sig. Figs.

  • Placeholder Zeros must be written even if they are not significant

  • Real-Life Lab Example/Application


Lesson #7 – Scientific Notation: Part I (34:19 min)

  • Definition of Scientific Notation

  • Converting Numbers into Scientific Notation

  • Definition of Standard Notation

  • Converting Numbers from Sci. Not. to Standard Notation

  • Use of Sci. Not. With Metric Prefixes


Lesson #8 – Scientific Notation: Part II (34:31 min)

  • Significant Figures in Sci. Not.

  • Sci. Not. Calculations in the Calculator

    • Using EE/E (x10) in the calculator

  • Simple Multiplication and Division Sci. Not. Calculation by Hand (No Calculator)

  • Introduction to Addition and Subtraction Sci. Not. Calculation by Hand (No Calculator)



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