Periodic Table Bean-Bag Toss

Ever had that extra 10-15 minutes at the end of class?

You don't want to start a brand new topic. Your kids have been working hard, and you hate to require more of them. Still, it seems such a waste to throw away this precious time...

I know exactly how that feels!

One idea I had to fill small chunks of time is the Periodic Table Bean-Bag Toss. Take an old large Periodic Table and place it on the floor (you know that old Periodic Table from the 90's or maybe even 60's that is in an old storeroom or even your classroom). Place that old large Periodic Table on the floor either in your classroom or in the hallway. Have students gather around the Periodic Table and toss a bean bag on it. Students must then state if the element the bean bag landed on is a metal, nonmetal, or metalloid. This can be turned into a game by keeping score for correct/incorrect answers. For another version, students stand in a circle around the Periodic Table and each person must toss the bean bag and identify metal/nonmetal/metalloid. Time students. See which class or team can have everyone in their circle/team complete the task the fastest. This can easily be modified for naming ion charges, states of matter at room temperature, atomic number, group number, and/or period number.

Simple, sweet, hopefully engaging, and better yet...meaningfully fills that extra bit of time!

Happy Teaching :)

- Founder of Chemistry with Confidence

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