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High School Chemistry
Guided Notes Workbook

Chemistry with Confidence: Volume 1 - Student Edition
Chemistry with Confidence: Volume 1 - Teacher Edition

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Student Edition

Students will use the Student Edition to actively listen to the teaching, record information, and interact with chemistry concepts.


Teacher Edition

The teacher will use the Teacher Edition to teach and guide students through chemistry concepts. 

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Chemistry Students


Check-out Chemistry with Confidence
activities, labs, and worksheets!
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Above is a sample of the available curriculum.

Visit the Chemistry with Confidence Store on Teachers Pay Teachers for more material.

For more information... see the Curriculum page of the website.

Children Reading Together

Children's Storybooks


The Adventures of Addie the Atom

Introduce your kids to the wonderful world of science and chemistry through the tales and adventures of Addie the Atom.  These fictional stories will engage kids while introducing them to chemistry concepts.

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Who Am I?
Book 1

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New Friends
Book 2

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