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High School Chemistry
Guided Notes Workbook

Chemistry Guided Notes: Text
Chemistry Guided Notes: Skills


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Atoms & Elements

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Periodic Table

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Ionic Bonding

covalent lesson 1 student edition.jpg

Covalent Bonding

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Metallic Bonding

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Bonding Review

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Reference Material

Chemistry Guided Notes: Skills

Chemistry with Confidence: Volume 1

was designed to be taught

in high school chemistry classrooms

as guided notes.

Chemistry Guided Notes: Bio

How to Use the Book


Student Edition.jpg

Each student

will have their own individual copy

of the Student Edition.

While listening to their teacher's instruction,

students will...

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(1) Record Information

(2) Label Diagrams and Charts

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(3) Work Example Problems

Chemistry Guided Notes: Services

How to Use the Book


Math Teacher

The teacher will teach
through the chemistry content
in the book!

Teacher - Additional Required Material:

Document Camera


Projector Screen


1 Copy per Class of the Student Edition

1 Copy per Teacher of the Teacher Edition

Professional Presentation
Student Edition.jpg

The teacher will place a Student Edition

opened to the appropriate lesson

under the document camera

so that students can see the teacher's work.

The teacher will...

(1) teach through the content

(2) and fill-in the information

in the Student Edition.

Taking Notes in Classroom
lesson 1 student version.jpg

The teacher's work in the Student Edition will be projected using a document camera.

The purpose is to...

(1) provide students with a visual

of the content information

(2) and demonstrate for students what to write

and how-to fill-in the Student Edition.

The teacher will use

the Teacher Edition

as a reference for all answers.

Teacher Edition.jpg
Chemistry Guided Notes: Services
Female Teacher during a Math Class

"I do, We do, You do" 
Teaching Method

Recommend Using

the "I do, We do, You do" Teaching Method:

"I do" - Teacher Direction Teaches / Lectures

"We do" - Teacher and Students Work

                    through Example Problems Together

                 - The Teacher Guides Students through

                    the Example Problems

"You do" - Students Try Example Problems

                     Individually or in Groups

The “I do, We do, You do” teaching method,
also called the Gradual Release of Responsibility framework (GRR),
was developed by Fisher and Frey.

Chemistry Guided Notes: About
Chemistry Guided Notes: Text
Chemistry Guided Notes: Text
Home schooling

Chemistry with Confidence

was born out of a dream

to have relevant teaching material

that makes learning chemistry

attainable, understandable, and engaging. 

Chemistry Guided Notes: Bio

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